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HY-835XZ  Sports Shoes Shock Absorption Testing Machine

Product Name: Sports Shoes Shock Absorption Testing Machine
Model: HY-835XZ
Category shoes tester
Origin: China

Sports Shoes Insole Shock Absorption Tester is used to test the bottom shoes materials,test the shock absorption and impact strength-displacement,the impact hammer drop by vertical mode,high control precision,flexible configuration,it can realize date processing,testing results,test schedule for all date base management.

Meet the Standards :ASTM F1614, ASTM F1976

Application :
Sports Shoes Shock Absorption Testing Instrument is used to determine shock absorption and relation between fast impact energy and displacement of sports shoe’s sole material for formal running race. Sports Shoes Shock Absorption Tester is an ideal equipment for technical supervision institute, sports shoes manufacturer,inspection arbitration institute, science research institute, etc.

Technical Date
Model: HY-835XZ Sports Shoes Shock Absorption Tester
Hammer weight: 8.5kg(5J),11.9kg(7J)
Impact head specification: (Top R)=1.0±0.25mm,(top circle D)=45mm,weight<0.2kg
Drop height: 50mm(adjustable)
Test speed: 2+/-1s per cycle
Displacement sensor: 0.0~100mm,frequency greater than 1000Hz
Impact energy: 5J,7J
Load sensor: 10K frequency greater than 1000HZ
Impact mode: free fall
Dimensions: Main unit:60*60*160cm, control unit:120*65*90cm
Weight: 230kg
Power: AC220V 50HZ 0.4KW

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HengYu Instrument(china)Limited
TEL:+86-769-85902725 85880855
Add:Daojiao Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

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