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HY-762D  Shoes Dynamic Waterproof Testing Machine

Product Name: Shoes Dynamic Waterproof Testing Machine
Model: HY-762D
Category shoes tester
Origin: China

Simulate the environment that the shoes is bended by people walking with water, From that to test water-resistance of finished-shoes when the shoes is bending. the finished shoes installed on the testing machine and make it bend. the counter on the panel will immediately stop counting when the water to seep inside of shoe,, and shows that the number of bend. Testing methods are divided into regularly flooded bending or bending in water. Namely is a static test or dynamic test, static test is the impregnation, the dynamic test simulate the exercise of walking or running to test its waterproof function, it can automatically shut down as sensing shoes inside flooding , or reach the set number.
There are two kinds methods. one is certain time in the water ,the other is bending in the water. In the water’s time and bending time can set. after get the times ,it will stop automaticly. it is used advance sensor ,if there is some water into the shoes,the machine will indicate you.and also record the test time. so its very convient and safety.

Meet the standard

Technical data :
test range: children’s shoe No.12-13
capacity: 2sets
bending speed: 0-60/80cpm
bending angle: 0-50degree
capacity: 3L
counter: LCD 0-999 999
dimension: 80*60*150cm
weight: 200kg
power: AC220V 50HZ 0.4KW
Type : Shoes Flexing Water penetration Tester

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HengYu Instrument(china)Limited
TEL:+86-769-85902725 85880855
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