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HY-762GB-IV  shoes Flexing Tester

Product Name: shoes Flexing Tester
Model: HY-762GB-IV
Category shoes tester
Origin: China

The machine is suitable for testing and shoe soles (film) folding properties at room temperature, the principle is or will become the sole shoes mounted on folding test machine at an angle a certain frequency march scratch test, measurement soles and slice some music around after the number of cracks (mouth) and a plastic length, and observe the changes in the upper, with power and memory.

The machine features:
Transmission mode using mechanical eccentric bearing, no lubrication, easy maintenance, low noise.

Using a specially designed fixture:
The up fixture: linear linear guide can be adapted to special large size, small size shoes holding;
Under fixtures: by changing the different positioning of the hole, you can adapt to different high and low toe grip requirements, the use of an external rotary locking device, convenient to use.

Technical parameters:
1. Test Number: 4
2. bending angle: 0 ~ 55 ° adjustable
3. Test speed: 230 ± 10cpm (50 ~ 300 ± 10cpm) Adjustable
4. Test blowing means: Casting plumbing a / station
5. Counter: LCD ~ 999,999
6. Volume: 153 * 87 * 140cm
7. Weight: 530kg
8. Power: AC220V 50HZ

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HengYu Instrument(china)Limited
TEL:+86-769-85902725 85880855
Add:Daojiao Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

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