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HY-700  Mooney Viscosity Testing Machine

Product Name: Mooney Viscosity Testing Machine
Model: HY-700
Category rubber/tire tester
Origin: China

Product description: Mooney viscometer is used to test the viscosity of unvulcanized natural rubber, synthetic rubber and recycled rubber. The features of this equipment is fast heating, stable temperature and data. It is equipped with automatic calibration device; it can do data calibration after each test.

Technical date:
1, Temperature range: -200 ℃, can provide a higher temperature regularly
2, Temperature Accuracy: Within±0.3 ℃ temperature error
3, Temperature display resolution: 0.1 ℃
4, Rotor rotational frequency: 2 ± 0.02rpm
5, Range: 0-200mooney
6, Torque Unit: kg-cm, lb-in, N-m
7, Test Time: Any way you can modify and test set
8, Voltage: Ac220 50Hz, 1.5KW
9, Pressure: 65psi (4.6bar) (buyer-owned air compressor)
10, Specimen volume: about 5 cc
11, Volume: 131 × 56 × 62cm
12, Weight: 250kg
13, Display: Hengyu special test software
14, Control: Computer Control

1, One Chinese instrument operating manual
2, The instrument warranty card
3, International CNAS third party laboratory instrument calibration report

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HengYu Instrument(china)Limited
TEL:+86-769-85902725 85880855
Add:Daojiao Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

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