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HY-839  Micro-Computer Thermal deformation temp tester

Product Name: Micro-Computer Thermal deformation temp tester
Model: HY-839
Category electric/plastic&rubber/hardware tester
Origin: China

Thermal deformation, Vicat softening temperature tester is mainly used for non-metallic materials (such as plastic, rubber, nylon, electrically insulating material) thermal deformation and Vicat softening point measurements. It is the tool of chemical companies, research institutes, universities .
It’s meet ISO75, ISO306, GB 1633, GB 1634 standards, enabling real-time display, temperature control and measurement functions. Master adopts PLC and touch screen control, simple operation, reliable operation.
Technical data
1, temp control range;RT-300℃
2, heating rate; 50℃/h\120℃/h
3, Max temp measuring error; ±0.5℃
4, Max temp control error; ±1℃/6min(Thermal deformation), ±0.5℃/6min(Vicat softening temperature),
5, Max deformation measuring range; 1,0mm
6, Max deformation measuring error; ±0. 01mm
7, specimen holder capacity;3
8, heating medium; methylsilicone oil
9, max heating power; 3,4KW
10, cooling type; above 150 use air-cool, low 150 use water-cooling
11, power; AC220V±10% 50HZ
12, Rod load and the quality of the tray; 88g±1g

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HengYu Instrument(china)Limited
TEL:+86-769-85902725 85880855
Add:Daojiao Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

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