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HY-758  Dyeing Rubbing Tester

Product Name: Dyeing Rubbing Tester
Model: HY-758
Category leather tester
Origin: China

Product description: Use dry or wet white cotton, which is wrapped in the surface of friction hammer, after rubbing the colored specimen with a certain heavy load and times, then refer to the gray scale to evaluate dyeing friction fastness levels. It can also be used to do friction test of organic flux. It has intelligent power failure recovery function.

Technical date:
1, Friction Speed: 30cpm
2, Friction hammer load: 200g
3, Auxiliary load: 300g
4, Friction hammer size: (45 * 50) mm
5, Specimen: (22 * 3) cm
6, White cotton: (5 * 5) cm
7, Machine weight: about 60kg
8, White cotton friction area: about 1cm2
9, Friction distance: 100mm
10, Counter: LCD 0 ~ 999,999
11, Friction Group: 6 set
12, Power supply: AC220 50HZ
13, Machine Size: about (60 * 50 * 40) cm

1, One Chinese instrument operating manual
2, One instrument warranty card
3, International CNAS third party laboratory instrument calibration report
4, 100 pieces white cotton

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HengYu Instrument(china)Limited
TEL:+86-769-85902725 85880855
Add:Daojiao Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

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